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Facilities & Operations


This production facility boasts a comprehensive and modernized approach to garment and bed linen manufacturing, covering the entire process from initial design to the final packing stage. The facility comprises a sizable cutting area, which spans 4000 square feet for garments and 2000 square feet for bed linens. These areas are staffed by a skilled cutting team that utilizes advanced systems and methods to implement precise markers, ensuring optimal yields within specified tolerances.


In addition to the cutting section, the facility includes extensive sewing and manufacturing areas, encompassing 8000 square feet for garments and 6000 square feet for bed linens. These areas are organized into production cells, each equipped with specialized equipment tailored to the specific product being manufactured. Dedicated personnel are assigned to each program, and the stitching operators undergo rigorous training to handle even the most intricate cut and sew operations.


Quality control is a paramount focus in this facility. A separate Finishing and Checking area is meticulously maintained to enforce strict quality assurance criteria, ensuring that all products meet the highest standards before proceeding to the next stage.


Finally, the packing areas within both departments are fully equipped to accommodate the unique labeling and tagging requirements of each product. Stringent controls are in place throughout the packing process to ensure systematic and on-time delivery of high-quality products, reflecting the facility’s commitment to delivering excellence at every stage of production.

Following Are Production Facilities

Production Area

100 Sq Feets
Garment cutting area
3 Sq Feets
bed linen cutting area
Integrating Modern systems and work method we successfully cover the entire process of implementing garment design to final Packing. Garment cutting area (4000 Sq Fetes) is capable of handling tubular and open end fabrics, bed linen cutting area (2000 Sq Fetes) both department have Professional cutting team implements markers to the specification and tolerance to obtain Optimal yields.
1000 Sq Feets
Garment Manufacturing area
3 Sq Feets
bed linen manufacturing area
The Garment Manufacturing area (8000 Sq Fetes) & ned linen manufacturing area (6000 Sq Fetes) both areas are organized into production cells with dedicated equipment for each product and Specialized personnel for each program. Stitching Operators are well trained to meet the most difficult cut and sew operations.

List of Stitching Machines

Our Machines
Singer Lock Stitch
Over Lock
Flat Lock
Steam Press
Tape Cutting
Button Hole
Button Attach
Our Skilled WorkFoce

Skilled Workforce

The success of our company is attributed to our qualified and experienced management team and skilled workforce, who passionately align with our goals and vision.